Circle Access

Frictionless, totally secure, credential-free, continuous authentication

Circle Access eliminates phishing and other breaches caused by stolen or lost credentials by cryptographically binding authentication to the specific user and device that has been authorized. There are two awesome UX options, which can be used separately or - best of all - together in Circle Access 360.
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Circle Access Mobile

Credential-Free Codeless MFA
Your Smartphone is Your Log-in
Continuous biometric authentication ensures your smartphone is YOU.

Optimize your app for user experience and privacy, lower user friction and speed up the registration, login and auth factors.

Simple integration, literally in minutes.

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Circle Access Mobile
Circle Access Desktop

Circle Access Desktop

Credential-Free Device-based Log-in
Your Device is Your Log-in
Completely frictionless cryptographic credential-free authentication that binds user access to authorized, registered devices.

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Circle Access 360

Use Both Together
Total Convenience with Unrivaled Security
Frictionless device-based authentication for your desktops and laptops that works together with frictionless credential-free authentication on your mobile.

Enable biometric-powered continuous authentication when needed for real-time security monitoring.
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