Circle Access Desktop

Your device is your log-in.

Completely frictionless cryptographic credential-free authentication that binds user access to authorized, registered devices

Circle Access Desktop eliminates phishing and other breaches caused by stolen or lost credentials.

by cryptographically binding authentication to the specific user and device that has been authorized. You can use it alone for PCs and Laptops, or get Circle Access 360 to get Circle Access Mobile and Circle Access Desktop integrated together for the ultimate in convenience and flexiblity combined with unrivaled security.

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Cryptographic Credential-Free Device-based Authentication.

Your Device is Your Log-in
Completely frictionless cryptographic credential-free authentication that binds user access to authorized, registered devices.  Available on Windows now, MacOS coming soon.

Enable biometric-powered continuous authentication when needed for real-time security monitoring.

Circle Access Desktop

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async function checkCircleServiceIsRunning() {
  let isRunning = await Circle.isServiceRunning();
  if (isRunning) {
    document.getElementById('runningResult').innerText = 'CircleService is running!';
  } else {
    document.getElementById('runningResult').innerText = 'Can not find CircleService!';

(function() {


Getting Started
Use our Getting Started Guides to get up and running with device-based cryptographic credential-free authentication in a few hours.
See It In Action
See a simple demo of Circle Access Desktop integrated together with Auth0., with escalation to Circle-of-Trust human-in-the-loop identity verification.
API Reference
Use our documentation to integrate Circle Access APIs to power frictionless, cryptographic credential-free authentication.

Learn More

Many of the most important decisions around implementing an authentication UX are up to you. 

These guides, sample app tutorials, and targeted links to API reference docs will get you across the deploy line.
Circle Access Desktop Primer
Learn about the different ways you can implement Circle Access and how it works
Understanding Circle
Learn more about the architecture and principles of Circle, and the amazing things it can do
Troubleshooting & Diagnostics
Check our FAQs and Troubleshooting tips, or post on our Forum

Integration Partners

You can add and deploy Circle Access effortlessly with one of our integration partners.  

Stay tuned for more comming soon!
Integration Partners