Circle Guard

AES 256 encrypted secure capsules to power game changing client-side data security and control

With Circle API, the same encryption keys used to authenticate identities and their actions can be used to secure data and communications end-to-end protecting data on the endpoint devices and in Cloud.

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Secure Private Capsules Controlled by Your Application

AES 256 encrypted secure capsules to store any kind, and any amount of data.

Keep private user data on endpoint devices but accessible to your applications
Cloud Back-up, Flexibility & Resilience - But No Keys
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Integrate Circle Guard into your application in a few hours with our step-by-step guides.   
async function checkCircleServiceIsRunning() {
  let isRunning = await Circle.isServiceRunning();
  if (isRunning) {
    document.getElementById('runningResult').innerText = 'CircleService is running!';
  } else {
    document.getElementById('runningResult').innerText = 'Can not find CircleService!';

(function() {
Getting Started
You need Circle Service, which is part of Circle Access Desktop, in order to create and manage AES 256 encrypted Secure Capsules on your device.
API Reference
Use these methods in the Circle REST APIs and documentation to power secure client-side data storage and communications.

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Circle Secure Capsules can contain anything – files, databases, unstructured data. Your imagination is the only limit!  

For credential-free authentication, we store secrets & policies in them.  With Circle Guard, you can keep your user’s data private and secure on their device, but in your control and accessible to your application.

These guides, sample app tutorials, and targeted links to API reference docs will get you across the deploy line.
Understanding Circle
Learn more about the architecture and principles of Circle, and the amazing things it can do
Troubleshooting & Diagnostics
Check our FAQs and Troubleshooting tips, or post on our Forum

Integration Partners

You can add, deploy and leverage Circle Guard with any of our integration partners for Circle Access.  The same Circle Service and Secure Capsules which protect keys, secrets and certificates for credential free authentication can securely store and manage any amount and kind of client side data desired for your application to use.

Stay tuned for more coming soon!
Integration Partners
Circle Guard works separately or together with other Circle API products to secure identity, data and privacy.  Circle Access, Authorization and Verity all use the same Secure Capsules and Circle Service.   All can leverage step-up human-in-the-loop identity verification with Circle-of-Trust.