Circle Prive

Give your users the privacy and control that they - and governments - are demanding and deserve

Circle Prive

With Circle  Prive, NOBODY other than the Data Owner has access to their data - or metadata - EVER.

Ever more strict regulations are requiring general, or industry specific data privacy, with the costs in fines and legal liability for failure often reaching millions of dollars. Circle's privacy-by-right architecture enables application developers and enterprises to maintain privacy and compliance simultaneously, meeting all the requirements of HIPAA, GDPR, CCPA, PIPEDA, PSD2 and more.
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Liberate Your Company by Giving the End User Control of their Personal Data.
Enable Users to Safely Communicate, Share and Collaborate with Sensitive Information.
Have your identity verified without actually sharing private data.
Secure private data across multiple personal devices.
Provide and revoke third-party access to your personal data on your terms.
Recover your access to private data securely and in a trusted way.
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Circle Prive leverages Circle Service, Secure Capsules,  P2P Authentication and Circle-of-Trust.  These all use the CIrcle REST API.

These step-by-step guides will help to get you started.
async function checkCircleServiceIsRunning() {
  let isRunning = await Circle.isServiceRunning();
  if (isRunning) {
    document.getElementById('runningResult').innerText = 'CircleService is running!';
  } else {
    document.getElementById('runningResult').innerText = 'Can not find CircleService!';

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Getting Started with Circle Prive
You need Circle Access Desktop in order to execute Circle Prive functionalities on your device
There are several different demos for different components of Circle Prive.
Circle Prive

Try the Circle Application

We also have a full device native demo application for Circle Prive for Windows, MacOS, IOS and Android.  

Please contact us for a demo.  

We are also working on UX workflows for its functionalities that will be available soon.
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Exactly how you deploy the capabilities with Circle Verite is up to you, but these resources will help you to make those decisions and implement quickly.

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Circle Prive secures identity, data and privacy for the end user.   It uses Circle Service, Circle Secure Capsules and Circle REST API to enable the creation of Circles, which are private cryptographic networks controlled by the Circle Owner.