Offer an Invite to a device. 

Generate the Invite first using GenInvite().

An Invite is valid until it is accepted or until it fails five times. An Invite can also time out, which happens after one week.


An Invite ID and authorization code generated using GenInvite(); and whether to wait 20 seconds before returning from the method – in case, for example, the Invite is authorized immediately.


The ID of the  peer device that validates the authorization code.

API Definition

public async Task<ProcessInviteReply> ProcessInvite(ProcessInviteRequest request)

C# Structures

public class ProcessInviteRequest


  public string InviteId;

  public string AuthCode;

  public bool Wait20Second;


public class ProcessInviteReply


  public ReturnStatus Status;

  public string RequestAuthVerificationId;



C# Example code:

public void ProcessInvite(string inviteCode, string authCode)


  InviteRequest request = new InviteRequest()

  {InviteId = inviteCode, AuthCode = authCode, Wait20Second = true};

  InviteReply reply = _circle.Invite(request);