Identity, Data and Privacy Security as One Unified API 

Circle powers frictionless cryptographic authentication, end-to-end data protection, and user-controlled privacy

Circle is a transformative security API built on next-gen architecture

Using a single unified API architecture Circle secures identity, data, and privacy for third-party applications, APIs, and IoT devices with no compromise. 

Secure Identity

The modern workplace - and workforce - is cloud-centric, distributed and increasingly BYOD. The ability to easily access anything online is essential to productivity, but critically flawed from a security standpoint. Circle enables you to meet these two conflicting requirements with no compromise.
With Circle, you can:
Enable zero trust credential-free authentication
Deliver frictionless cross-context UX across browsers and devices
Restrict access to trusted and authorized devices only
Positively verify user identity on every device
Escalate when needed to unspoofable human-in-the-loop identity verification
Secure Identity


Circle Access

Identity Authentication

Circle Access
Circle of Trust

Identity Verification


Secure Data

Data is the new oil. To build trust in data and establish veracity of data user authentication cannot stop at the portals to access control. Authentication needs to be extended to user actions, journeys, interactions and transactions to ensure end-to-end data security and fraud prevention. Data sharing and collaboration needs to be secured. Finally, control of data needs to rest completely with the data owner allowing the data owner to protect visibility and access to data.
With Circle, you can:
Establish digital trust for user journeys, actions, interactions and transactions using cryptographic authentication, multi-party authorization, and complete immutability
Deliver secure data sharing, communication and collaboration while protecting user generated data using E2EE
Enable enterprise visibility and control of data on any authorized user device using Circle secure capsules
Secure Data


Circle Verite

Digital Trust

Circle Verite
Circle Guard

Data Protection

Circle Guard
Circle Vault

Enterprise Data Control

Circle Vault

Secure Privacy

Users – and Governments – are demanding privacy and control of their data. Circle makes this simple to deliver.
With Circle, you can:
Ensure that NOBODY other than the data owner has access to their data – or metadata – EVER.
Allow the data owner to share their data on their terms with other trusted and verified parties securely
Empower data owners to verify their identities and transactions without actually revealing their data using zero knowledge cryptography
Securely store data on endpoint devices and allow access only to trusted parties
Secure Privacy


Secure PrivacySecure PrivacyCircle Prive

Privacy Assurance

Circle Prive

Rest API

You’ll be up and running in minutes
var callback = function(error, data, response) {
  if (error) {
  } else {
    console.log('API called successfully. Returned data: ' + data);
api.processInvite(body, authorization, xCircleAppkey, callback);
No code and low code
Over 15 languages supported
Effortless to maintain

2 Frictionless, Credential-free UX Options

Circle Service

Circle Access Desktop
A thin agent on your endpoint device.
Install 1x & forget
Your device is your auto log-in
Sync multiple devices
Securely authenticate transactions and communications
Maintain identity privacy with client-side secure, private storage
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Circle Access

Circle Access Mobile
A secure mobile authentication app like no other.
Your Phone is your universal log-in
No install required on your devices
Continuous authentication
Biometric identify verification
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SDK + Libraries

For total control and flexibilty, embed Circle into your applications
EnumCirclesReply reply = _circle.EnumCircles (request);
  Console.WriteLine (reply.Status.Message);
  foreach (var circle in reply.CircleMeta)
    Console.WriteLine($"{circle.CircleId} - {circle.CircleName}" );
Lightweight libraries
Continuous authentication
Fully integrated with your applications

Be amazed by the

No Compromise

promise of Circle.

Get Circle API to secure your identity, data and privacy: